Katy Duggan-Haas Model City August 16, 2012

We recently provided recycling and compostables collection for a local arts festival. To improve the program next year, the Arts Council will include requirements for the food vendors to purchase compostable and recyclable serviceware (we didn't have the opportunity to do that ahead this year). I'd love to see samples of this kind of contract language or recommendations from those of you who have done something similar in the past.

Also, from a behavior change approach, have you found it better to require compostable cups or recyclable cups? People all know bottles & cans go in the recycling, but even though we asked for plastic cups in the recycling, we got plastic, paper and foam cups in all three containers - trash, recycling, composting. Given the recent discussion thread on this blog about event signage, I'd like to get the vendors to standardize so it will be easier for attendees.

I look forward to your experienced insights! Thanks.

Katy Duggan-Haas
Sustainability Program Coordinator
Modern Recycling
United States