Unknown October 17, 2012

Lots of information exists on getting individuals to adopt energy efficient behaviours at home. I can find almost nothing on strategies for approaching businesses (commercial, industrial etc) and getting them to adopt energy efficiency operational practices.

Any case studies would be welcome. Some specific areas of interest are:

Ways of simplifying what is a massively complex decision-making process.
Avoiding a situation whereby a CEO is exposed to information that is way too complex for her/him. (Or where an IT or operations professional is exposed to material that is far too simple to be of use)
Ways of shortening the process that takes a company from being interested in energy efficiency to actually having new systems / infrastructure / lighting / whatever in place & running.

Thanks in advance and please fell free to ask for inputs in return for any information you are able to share.

(I consult for a large Canadian government agency that influences energy efficiency programs for a third of the Canadian population.)

David Williams