Laura Henderson Edmonton September 13, 2013 14:20 pm

We're in the process of developing a strategy to reduce residential waste in Edmonton.

We would like to target single family homes that make an excessive amount of garbage. There are no enforced limits on the amount of garbage set out by these single family homes.

I would love to learn about experiences with similar initiatives:
-Who did you target?
-How did you connect with them?
-Did you observe behavior changes?
-Did you measure a reduction in garbage volumes?

Summary of Current Programs in Edmonton:
Hand collection, residents take special items(bulky,HHW,and electronics)to Eco Stations, we have curbside recycling using blue bags, and recycling depots throughout the city. We offer educational programs on composting, reuse, and recycling.

Respond in this thread or by using this survey:

Thank you in advance!

Laura Henderson
Waste Reduction Coordiantor
City of Edmonton Waste Management Services