Denver, Colorado's "Waste No More" Initiative

Julie Cook Kitchener May 6, 2024 13:03 pm
Hi all,   Denver, Colorado is a shining example of waste reduction at its best. They have an ambitious goal of diverting 70% of their waste going to landfill by 2032, and they hav…

How a little city in Sicily became a zero waste giant

Julie Cook Kitchener Apr 22, 2024 12:39 pm
Hi all,   There is a city in Sicily called Calatafimi Segesta that, although small, has made tremendous strides in the past two decades toward achieving zero waste while at the sa…

275 Web-Based Social Marketing Resources

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Mar 6, 2024 16:46 pm
Tools of Change now features a directory of over 275 online resources, carefully selected to support your social marketing work. We added 91 new listings in 2023, including 18 sys…

Behavior Change Consultants Needed

Nitish Narayan Mar 6, 2023 0:02 am
SPREP, through its PacWastePlus programme, wishes to call for tenders from qualified and experienced consultants who can offer their services to design, implement and monitor a Be…

Data gathered from Waste Hauler Data to measure waste diversion program effectiveness

Susan Bouchard Saskatoon Dec 28, 2022 21:27 pm
Wondering if anyone can give examples of communities/municipalities that successfully collect data directly from local waste haulers to get an accurate picture of whether waste di…

Waste prevention webinars and resources involving the Center for Biological Diversity

Kelley Dennings Arlington Oct 24, 2022 18:16 pm
  Oct. 31 at 1pm E - Webinar: Build resilience with gender empowerment, sustainable food and reuse policies - Staff from the Center for Biological Diversity, Upstream Solutions an…

Recent report on reducing paper usage in the office

Cleone Ladlow Brisbane Sep 13, 2022 21:03 pm
Hi all, I am currently supporting a project to reduce the use of paper in our office. We have many digital alternate options and need to help people transition more fully to those…

Engaging businesses in waste reduction

Dominique Scarf New Plymouth May 24, 2022 23:50 pm
Hello all. I am interested in any behaviour change case studies or resources that can help business waste champions engage their staff (and motivate themselves) in using and desig…

Information on Covid 19 and Environmental Impact of PPE

Julia Rose Victoria May 30, 2020 13:01 pm
looking for research on environmental impact of different types gloves such as latex, vinyle, nitrile gloves. To help consumers make informed choices at home. And masks and what r…

Impacts of Employee Engagement Efforts

Unknown Sep 21, 2017 18:10 pm
I'm working on a project to inform a company what results/impacts on waste diversion they can expect if they implement certain employee engagement efforts (for instance, if they s…
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