Kristen Mailheau Kailua Nov 22, 2013 17:08 pm


I recently joined Hui o Ko'olaupoko (HOK), a non-profit organization doing watershed management and restoration work on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii. We recently received a grant to implement a community outreach program in one of our target watersheds focusing on reducing residential non-point source pollution within the community. We would like to apply CBSM techniques for our program and right now we are in the data gathering and research phase and reaching out to other organizations that have successfully applied CBSM for their watershed management objectives.

We know that we are facing high levels of total nitrogen and phosphorous within our bay and therefore, we would like to specifically find out more information about the leading non-point source contributors to nitrates/nitrites and phosphorous. I.e. data about impacts of fertilizers, yard debris, pet waste, car washing, etc. on water quality.

If you have had any information on the specific information above, or if you have experience with CBSM for addressing non-point source pollution, and would be willing to share your strategies, successes, challenges, etc. I would love to connect with you sometime and get specifics about your program. Or if you have any specific documentation, websites, or references that may be helpful to us, please send those along.

I just started following this website, but Im looking forward to utilizing the resources as well as networking through this listserve.


Annie Lovell
Project Coordinator
Hui o Ko'olaupoko
1051 Keolu Drive #208
Kailua, Hawaii 96734
Cell: (808) 258-2662
[email protected]