Paola Alonso Trejo Boulder December 23, 2013

Hello all,

I am an intern in Boulder County Commissioners' Sustainability Office. We have a program that has the purpose of encouraging home and business owners to do energy improvements in the properties and we have done a great job spreading the word about it to the community in general. Although our efforts have been really good, we still have had a hard time reaching out to the Latino community so they can use our services and take advantage of our loans or rebates.
The biggest challenge in these terms is the cultural differences and finding a way to approach them so they can trust us and participate. Also, we specialize in homeowners for the residential part of the program and we just cannot figure out a way to locate them in the county.
Any ideas or suggestions on the issues I am posting would be greatly appreciated.


Paola  Alonso Trejo
Energy Smart Outreach Intern
Boulder County Commissioners' Sustainability Office
United States