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Jay Kassirer Ottawa January 6, 2014

The 23d annual Social Marketing Conference, held in Clearwater Beach, Florida is specifically looking for proposals for oral presentations and posters on influencing transportation behaviors. Phil Winters, Jay Kassirer, Jim Mihelcic, Rowena Merritt, Doug McKenzie-Mohr, Nancy Lee and others are organizing a special environmental track focused on transportation and water-related issues. The overall conference theme is Fostering Equity: Social Marketing's Role and Responsibility. We are, for example, looking for some sessions that directly address how transportation programs provide health, mobility and accessibility benefits to those who cant afford cars, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, oral presentations and posters are not required to follow the theme. Abstracts may describe social marketing programs, innovative research methods, and theoretical advances. Reviewers favor abstracts for completed projects that clearly illustrate key elements of the social marketing approach (such as the use of formative research, audience segmentation, behavior selection techniques, choice of intervention tools, piloting and impact evaluations.)

Abstract Submission Deadline February 14, 2014. Conference dates: June 20-21, 2014.

Jay Kassirer
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