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Jay Kassirer Ottawa January 8, 2014

For the fourth year, Tools of Change has convened a Landmark peer review panel to select home and building energy behavior change case studies considered to be among the most successful, innovative, replicable and adaptable in the world. This year, the panel selected two programs for designation: Class 5 Energy and Burlingtons Ice Rink Arena Energy Competition.

Class 5s comprehensive, long-term approach combines education, training, behavior change and goal setting with progress tracking, recognition, continuous improvement and social media to reduce energy use in schools, hospitals and other institutional settings. Over eight years in the program, Cambridge-Isanti Public School district reduced energy use per person by about 36% and saved $2.6 million in energy costs.

Burlingtons ice rink arena energy competition employs a low cost community-based social marketing approach to reduce energy consumption and has generated a return on investment of over 96%. It is applicable to any energy consuming asset (facilities and buildings, vehicle fleet) and is scalable. It modified entrenched staff behavior, improved facility performance and extended equipment life cycle, without sacrificing facility service levels and user satisfaction. Case study webinars of the programs are scheduled for April and May, 2014.

2014 Nomination form (due May 30): http://www.toolsofchange.com/en/landmark/

Case study details: http://www.toolsofchange.com/en/topic-resources/energy-efficiency/

Jay Kassirer
Cullbridge Marketing, and Tools of Change