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Jay Kassirer Ottawa April 8, 2014

The City of Burlington Ice Rink Arena energy competition employs a low-cost community-based social marketing approach to significantly reduce energy consumption, associated greenhouse gases and energy costs. With a program return on investment of more than 96%, it shows the substantive impacts that behavioral change programs can have over and above retrofits. The results are based on actual utility bills. The approach is applicable to any high energy consuming asset (facilities and buildings, vehicle fleet) and is scalable. It successfully modified entrenched, long standing staff behaviour towards the desired energy conservation behaviors, improved facility performance, and extended equipment life cycle - all without sacrificing facility service levels and user satisfaction. Burlingtons Ice Rink Arena Energy Competition was recently chosen, though a peer-selection process, for a Tools of Change Landmark designation. This designation recognizes programs considered among the most innovative and effective in the world for changing energy consumption behaviors.

When: Friday, May 9, 2014 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Presented by: David Taggart, City of Burlington
Cost: $US 50. A limited number of free registrations are still available for this webinar by contacting the Tools of Change Registrar.
Registration: http://webinars.cullbridge.com/shop/social-marketing-cbsm-case-studies.html

Jay Kassirer
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