Dave Merredew Calgary Jun 27, 2014 13:47 pm

I am looking to develop some best practices / strategies around cart sharing. Currently in Calgary every single famly houshold is provided 3 carts for waste disposal (compost, recycling and garbage). This situation works really well however, it gets more complicated for fourplexes and duplexs (more so for the fourplexes). In the case of a fourplex each unit is give 3 carts. Thus, behind or in front of each fourplex there are 12 carts. This can lead to a variety of issues. I am hoping to chat with some municipalites that have had a similar situation and have implimented measures that (in one way or another) reduce the number of carts and yet still provide the same level of service.

Dave Merredew
Leader, Community & Customer Initiatives
City of Calgary: Waste and Recycling Services