Kelley Dennings Arlington Sep 7, 2014 21:23 pm

I recently changed jobs from Keep America Beautiful doing recycling to the American Forest Foundation. AFF works to engage woodland owners in conservation efforts. Many of our target populations are in small rural areas. For example, we are working to increase the number of individual landowner conservation easements in rural New England between 2 high value forests, helping to create a wildlife corridor. The target population is 2000.

A similar number of households is part of our work in rural OR. Our goal there is to engage woodland owners in timber management around fuel reduction to decrease wildfire risk. The area is adjacent to a large public tract of land where wildfire reduction work is taking place also.

Can anyone provide me some advice or examples of interventions done with small target audiences in rural areas such as this? What type of messaging worked (we have heard pride of place is important)? Who were the messengers (we know trust is a barrier)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kelley Dennings
United States