Lisa Coelho Sunnyvale February 17, 2016

My name is Lisa Coelho and I work for the City of Sunnyvale, CA. Were currently in the process of implementing an food scraps collection program with local commercial organizations, including restaurants, coffee houses, and nursing homes. We want to ensure our program is successful, so were reaching out to other cities and groups running food scraps collection programs to ask them a few questions about their experiences.

I am looking looking for the information such as:

What containers do you use for collecting food scraps?

Does the waste hauler collect the food scraps from inside the restaurant or only from a bin outside? If outside, who collects it from inside and takes it outside? How often?

What would you say are the main difficulties in collecting food scraps?

We will be working with chefs, prep cooks, bussers/waiters, dishwashers, and caterers. What are some of the issues they employees have reported in participating in the program ? Have you been able to help employees overcome those issues (if there are any), and if so, how ?

What are the benefits of participating in this program? What advice could you offer that would get people to participate, or strategies that helped your program be successful?

Please feel free to contact me by email of phone as well!
Thank you!

Lisa Coelho
Zero Waste Program Assistant
City of Sunnyvale
United States