Unknown September 29, 2016

Hi y'all, I'm looking for a project proposal, initial planning, or first draft of a CBSM project. Something that outlines the goals, target audience, timeline, strategies etc. so I can make my own proposal.

This is my very first CBSM project and I learn best from seeing what others do, so I believe seeing the initial planning stages of someone else's project will help me a ton. It can be on any topic, what I am looking for mostly is how it is organized and what to include when proposing a CBSM project

I have yet to find anything online, which I find strange because I feel like most people create concrete plans as the first step of their project. Conversely, if you might not know of any such resources maybe you could help me briefly to consider what I will include in my plan. So far I have --

Goals, Target Audience, Timeline (beginning to end), strategies and tactics, data I hope to gather, and materials and resources needed

If you have any resources please email me => Alex.Eduardo.Montes (at) gmail.com

Thank you so much!

Alex Montes
Zero Waste Outreach Associate
City of San Rafael
United States