Chrissy Henley Auckland September 6, 2017

Does anyone have any research that has been carried out that specifically relates to management activities landowners do to protect private land bush areas (which are often surrounded by pasture)? The management activities are mainly 1) animal pest control, 2) invasive weed control and 3)fencing to exclude stock or large mammalian pests. I am looking for information that would tell me which of these activities would be the most important - the jury is out about which would rank the highest. The people I have spoken to argue either for fencing being the most important because no amount of animal or weed control will be effective if the bush area is constantly invaded by stock, plus it is really the first step in managing a bush block. Others argue that animal pest control is the most important because it has the greatest potential to ensure the bush area survives (animal pests can end up causing collapse of the bush area because they eat the seeds, seedlings and native birds which distribute the seeds). Any thoughts or known research that would tell us which is the most important? Thanks in advance

Chrissy Henley
Senior Biodiversity Advisor
Auckland Council
New Zealand