Rosina R Richmond September 23, 2019

Hi everyone! I am part of a student group that is looking to create a CBSM campaign for encouraging the use of reusable mugs over disposable cups at my university. One of our campuses has a cafe that provides reusable mugs for sit-down use but the rest do not. We are looking for any advice on approaches that have worked better than others for changing this behaviour of not carrying your own mug to campus, in a short amount of time. Any feedback on barriers would be helpful too. Any feedback helps! We will get data from the on-campus cafes on the number of reusable mug discounts given out during the allotted time period of our experiment, as well as 2 weeks before the experiment starts. We will also produce a pre-campaign survey and are currently brainstorming messaging for posters. Thanks community! Rosina Rodighiero Kwantlen Polytechnic University Richmond, BC