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Jay Kassirer Ottawa January 24, 2022
“Virgin Atlantic’s Airways Captains Improve Fuel Efficiency” has been designated a Landmark behavior change case study and added to the collection of over 200 behavior change case studies available at www.toolsofchange.com. Tools of Change Landmark case studies are peer-selected to recognize behavior change programs and approaches that are among the most successful, innovative, replicable and adaptable in the world.  For information on our case study nomination process go to www.toolsofchange.com/en/landmark/. The next deadline for nominating programs is June 6, 2022.
Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) conducted an eight-month pilot in 2014 to test the potential roles and impacts of monitoring, performance information, personal targets, and prosocial incentives on the fuel-use behavior of their captains. All 335 of VAA’s captains were part of the pilot, and they were randomly assigned to four separate treatment groups. Since the pilot, the approach has become business as usual at VAA, and the technology was commercialized through Signol and updated to a web-app and email rather than post.  https://toolsofchange.com/en/case-studies/detail/744