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Julie Cook Kitchener Jun 10, 2024 13:14 pm

Hi all,
There is a food waste toolkit created by the U.S. EPA that some of you might find interesting. It features an eight-step social marketing planning process and materials from five different food waste campaigns. Aside from those materials, one of the most interesting aspects to the toolkit is a list of the top four behaviours that, according to EPA research, have a high impact with regard to food waste prevention and a high probability of change. For those of you who work on food waste prevention, you may consider focusing on influencing the following behaviours, as these are proven to be most effective: 
-       Write a shopping list with quantities added
-       Eat/freeze leftovers
-       Properly store fruits & vegetables
-       Pay attention to date labels
If you’re interested in learning more about other food waste campaigns, you may want to look into these ones:   
The EPA’s food waste toolkit is attached if you’d like to read more.