EnerGuide for Houses

EnerGuide for houses is a new energy evaluation program developed by Natural Resources Canada. Its purpose is to help homeowners understand their homes current energy use and identify ways to make their home more energy efficient. First, a pre-evaluation telephone interview explains the program to the homeowner. Next, an experienced energy evaluator, licensed by NRCan, provides an on-site evaluation examining the home’s structure, insulation, and heating, hot water, and ventilation systems. Once this information is analyzed, the homeowner gets a detailed written report that explains where heat loss is occurring, how comfort and energy efficiency can be increased, and the estimated energy cost involved in running the home before and after improvements are made. This program is particularly helpful when planning on renovating, building, selling or buying a home. An energy efficient home can be worth as much as $8000 more on the US market. These homes are more comfortable, better built, less costly to operate, and healthier. These are great incentives. When looking at homes, an EnerGuide label may be found around the electrical panel or furnace. The label provides information on the home’s energy efficiency and costs. New homes tend to score in the low 70s while older homes average 50 or lower on a scale of 0-100. A more detailed EnerGuide report should be available through the realtor. 
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