Bologna’s Bella Mossa

Bologna’s Bella Mossa program explored how positive incentives could be used to encourage citizens to reconsider their travel choices, reducing the number of trips made in conventionally fueled vehicles. A points-based program, individuals participating in Bella Mossa were awarded points for walking, cycling, or using public transport, with the number of points given based on the number of trips taken, rather than the distance travelled. Additional points could be earned by attending special events or meeting specified goals, like achieving the recommended weekly physical activities suggested through Bella Mossa’s smartphone app. The app would track participants’ activities, and points awarded could be redeemed for discounts or payments towards merchandise and services offered from 85 retailers throughout the city. Branded gear was given to participants to build visibility for the program and create ambassadors, while activities such as treasure-hunts, prize-draws, and corporate and school challenges were used to further increase engagement. The smartphone app, in conjunction with participant surveys were used to track the impact of the Bella Mossa program. By the end of the first six months, 15,000 people reported 895,000 trips by alternative transportation methods, saving up to 728 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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