Elizabeth Kenrick Pembroke November 1, 2005

The Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre is a recycling and composting facility working with Algonquin Provincial Park. We have implemented a recycling and composting program at various stations throughout the Park (including lodges, restaurants and campsites). We are faced with some operational issues but I'm wondering how to increase participation as we may roll this program out to more places in the Park. How do you get people to carry over their behaviour from home to their campsite? We all know what it's like to be away on vacation so I think it might be challenging for the less committed to follow the recycling and composting program. I've heard of campsites using stickers like "I'm a Green Camper" and stuff like that. I would think this is along the same lines as the "I Compost Too" on our blue boxes. I was just wondering if anyone has had experience in dealing with seasonal or camping recycling and composting programs. I'm also interested in how it has worked operationally (do they use plastic bags in the compost, how was the material transported, stored, etc.). The listserv may not be the best place for the "operational" conversations so anyone interested can e-mail me directly.

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