prossi November 4, 2005

The UN has declared 2005-2014 the Decade on Education for Sustainable Development. Global Vision is developing a global curriculum for the UN which will be completed in 2007. The curriculum targets youth and focuses on world problems and solutions in areas of environment, health, economics, education, and social. This curriculum will go out to many countries. Go to for more information. Also check out This is a group of young professionals who are promoting sustainability awareness amongst young adults ages 18-35 through pop culture and multiple media outlets. This group also has a campaign to study the health and environmental effects of plastic. They are looking at alternative materials (biodegradable) like corn in the making of plastic and the group has a campaign for a Biodegradable Plastics Bill in New York. Here at the Summit/Akron Solid Waste Authority in Akron, Ohio, we have connected a billboard design contest with the theme "Reduce the Use of Our Natural Resources Today for the Sake of the Next Seven Generations." We target high school art students who see a PowerPoint presentation on Sustainability. Concepts like cradle to cradle, life cycle of a product, closing the loop, environmental footprint, and green design are discussed. Discussion of what's being done today, e.g ecovillages, green buildings, agroforestry, are part of the presentation.

Pat Rossi
Akron, Ohio