Beth Clawson Paw Paw January 6, 2006


I am looking for samples or examples of manuals outlining school chemical waste management or a best practices for managing chemicals in schools (if one exists). Household hazardous waste collections typically do not take school chemical wastes and most schools fall under the CESQGs or conditionally exempt small quantity generator category, so often "fall below the radar" when it comes to managing, handling, disposing, and storage of chemicals. I would like to help provide a guideline for our area schools that would help them to safely manage use, storage and disposal of chemicals in every area, from the bus garage and custodial closets to the art rooms to labs. The goal is to help schools prevent the build up of legacy, unused and unwanted chemicals, and to give guidance for proper storage, as well as, offering mechanisms to minimize the use of toxic substances in schools. Please send samples to me at the address below.

Thank you.
Beth Clawson

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