Melanie Napoleon Chicago January 30, 2006

Hello Everyone,

I work on a Great Lakes conservation and public awareness initiative and have been thinking about freebies and giveaways for festivals. We would like to be at more festivals, events, shows and conventions where we can be face to face with our target audiences of gardeners, hunters and fishers, boaters, outdoorsy types, Great Lakes cabin and 2nd home owners, etc as well as other folks who already consider themselves as "environmental" types. I want to provide giveaways and freebies, but would like them to also be useful in encouraging sustainable behavior to help the Lakes. For example, some ideas I've come up with are: *shower timers to keep showers short *packets of native seeds to reduce water use, fertilizers and pesticides. I was hoping you could give me more ideas for giveaways and freebies to consider as we plan our strategy this year. Has anyone out there done something similar? Anything fun that worked well for you? Any ideas would be really helpful. Consider this a brainstorm session!

Thanks for your feedback,
Melanie Napoleon

Manager, Great Lakes Awareness Campaign
John G. Shedd Aquarium
phone 312-692-3173