Zanna Joyce Winnipeg Jun 21, 2006 12:46 pm

Hi there:

I have been following the emails about CFL bulbs, and thought that, with the mercury, disposal could be a question. But that brings to mind issues related to disposal of other products that should not enter the landfill stream. Here in Winnipeg there are a couple times throughout the year that special provisions are made to facilitate disposal of things such as chemicals, paint, whatever, but, as a consumer, I have found that I have not received a consistent message about what to do with batteries, obselete computer parts, cell phones or other items when they finally must be discarded. I am curious as to what other areas have done to inform people about appropriate disposal, and what they have done to facilitate this disposal. Of course, consumers have a responsibility to make the phone call which would provide answers to these questions, but even providing that phone number could be useful. I would wonder if consumer uptake could be reduced if people who would be responsible about recycling feel that an item may cause more work.

Zanna Joyce