Stuart Hickox Ottawa June 26, 2006

Dear FSB List:

I'm working on an analysis of CFL lighting projects for the Ontario Power Authority. I have a question that I would like to pose to the group: What measurements or indicators can be used to declare a residential lighting market "transformed?" We can keep running CFL campaigns, but when do we stop? Will there ever be enough momentum to pull back the effort and let the market finish the transformation? Will this happen without regulation or taxation on old inefficient technology? I'm very interested in talking to anyone who would like to explore these issues. If the goal of CFL social marketing is market transformation, it will be important to know when to declare victory. (It seems, for instance, that the market for seasonal LED lights does not require the kind of marketing that the residential CFL market does).

Also, if anyone is involved in an existing CFL campaign, or knows where I could find reports and analysis of past campaigns, please get in touch.

Cheers from Ottawa,

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