Laura Flanigan Austin, TX July 11, 2006


I am working with the Foresight Design Initiative, an organization in the city of Chicago committed to creating a sustainable urban environment through intelligent design. I am looking for information that is somewhat a follow up on the recent request about fostering sustainable behavior in cities. Im currently compiling information about municipal efforts to foster sustainable business within cities. A couple of the responses to Johannas post were helpful, but Im looking for more specific city-sponsored policy instruments for the business community in particular. More specifically, I am looking for highly effective examples of the following:

* Use of financial incentives, such as expedited permits, tax credits, or feebates to encourage sustainable business
* Activities to attract new sustainable enterprises to the city
* Initiatives to create local markets for sustainable products
* Local regulations on the business community
* City-sponsored or facilitated certification and/or recognition programs for sustainable business
* Efforts to foster sustainability through facilitate of partnerships between business and the non-profit sector
* Other integrated efforts by cities

If you are familiar with an example in your city, or would suggest a resource to address these questions, I would love to hear from you!

Thanks in advance,
Laura Flanigan
Foresight Design Initiative