solange montillaud-joyel July 20, 2006

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Creative Gallery on Sustainability Communications available on UNEP website: This Gallery is the first international online database of corporate and public advertising campaigns specifically dedicated to sustainability issues and classified by sustainability themes. All ads have been selected by UNEP in co-operation with Adforum and Advertising Community Together (ACT), with financial support from the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management (ADEME). By gathering these campaigns from all around the world, UNEP wishes to inspire and foster more and better communication on sustainability issues from all stakeholders involved in the promotion of sustainable development. This Creative Gallery is also designed to aid and promote the area of research, education and information relating to the marketing, advertising and communication business. This database is a living tool, which will be regularly updated through UNEP active search for new ads and voluntary submissions from various stakeholders. We encourage you to alert your network about this Creative Gallery and to announce it in newsletters, websites and magazines in order to: - inform all communications experts as well as all stakeholders who need to develop communications on sustainability issues, and - to foster new submission of ads to this database. I remain at your entire disposal should you require any further information about this Gallery or more generally about UNEP communication activities to promote sustainable consumption and production.

Best regards,
Solange Montillaud-Joyel 

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