Burt Hamner August 9, 2006

From: Burton (sent via a borrowed account)

This could be a good simple CBSM program eval tool. I made up this Excel spreadsheet years ago and then lost it in some directory.... It gives you a neat visual picture of your performance, bad performance makes a big black cloud... It''s a simple Excel file so you can customize it to your heart's content... I got the idea from some folks from a green business assistance program in Austria ten years ago. Well sometimes a good idea takes a while to get noticed. It could be used for CBSM. For example, you could take the elements of Doug's CBSM menu (prompts, research, norms etc) and use those as the Factors for evaluation, and then rate how well you are doing to use all the CBSM tools. Measurement is the basis of management, for green biz or CBSM. This is about as simple as it can get on an PC... It's a fast download at www.cleanerproduction.com .

Have fun!