Megan Warfield Olympia January 12, 2007

Washington State recently passed legislation requiring manufacturers to develop recycling plans/programs for electronic waste. At this time the law only covers computers (desktops, laptops, monitors, portable computers) and televisions. As part of the law, the Dept. of Ecology, in conjunction with manufacturers, retailers, government agencies and other stakeholders, is required to develop a public information campaign to promote the program and encourage participation by consumers, small businesses, school districts, charities, and small government entities. I have perused the website, which has lots of information about general recycling - but we are looking specifically at electronic waste. We are looking for information/research people have done regarding:

1. What types of messages compel consumers to participate specifically in electronic waste recycling programs? (it's the law, do the right thing, gloom and doom hazardous waste images etc.?)

2. Has anyone developed a logo to create an identity and "brand" a recycling program for a specific commodity - i.e. electronic waste?

Thanks in advance. :-)
Megan Warfield

Litter Programs Coordinator
Dept. of Ecology
(360) 407-6963