Beth Powell Boulder September 20, 2007

Hello colleagues,

I'm seeking information from my peers in Marketing/Outreach who may have figured out ways to measure CO2 reductions achievable through education, outreach, and marketing tactics. We are hoping to achieve about 30k tons of CO2 emissions reductions from these sectors in our Climate Action Plan, but it's a rather arbitrary number. San Francisco's CAP uses a similar number. Does anyone know how to quantify such a number? I'm guessing these numbers came from a calculation such as "if we reach 10,000 people, we can estimate that each person might reduce their emissions by X pounds or tons per year solely by increased awareness that lead to (minor, I assume) behavior changes". Please check out our ClimateSmart campaign website. It focuses on helping folks get started with tips (What Can I Do?), asks them to calculate their carbon footprint (Know Your Score), and we had a Boulder-specific calculator done for us by Zerofootprint, and then asks people to pledge online to reduce their carbon footprint. Finally, we have shot a number of videos of local folks, council member, and business owners telling us what they're doing to reduce their emissions. I'd love your feedback at

Thanks for any inputs you have.

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