Monitoring & Evaluation in Behaviour Change Programming: An Online Masterclass

Julie Cook Kitchener Jul 20, 2020 18:35 pm
Hi everyone, If you're interested in learning more about improving monitoring and evaluation in your behaviour change programs, consider attending this online masterclass with th…

RFP Language for Communication/Marketing Firm To Support Digital Campaign?

Aislinn Gauchay Chicago Mar 31, 2016 11:45 am
Hello all! Do any of you have sample RFP language you'd be willing to share that ensures a communications firm submitting a proposal to support a digital communications campaign (…

Social Return on Investment or Outcomes for programs

Kayley Fesko Calgary Aug 2, 2014 12:48 pm
Hello, Has anyone been successful at meauring the outcomes or the social return on investment (SROI) on programs that you offer? Are there any examples out there? Thanks for …

Webinar on CBSM Program Impact Measurement and Evaluation, Friday March 9

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Feb 15, 2012 22:30 pm
An increasing number of funders and supervisors are asking for program logic models and impact measurements. While evaluations should be well designed and methodically carried out…

Sydney, Australia: Free Workshops for Environmental Educators

Unknown Feb 1, 2012 19:55 pm
Hosted by Birds in Backyards in association with the University of Sydney, North Sydney Council and Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority. Birds in Backyards is a …

Unintended Consequences Project

Ezra Markowitz Eugene Sep 22, 2011 23:54 pm
Hi all, Steve Mital (University of Oregon), Bart Meehan (Australian National University) and I are working on a new project in which we're looking to collect stories "from the …

Calculating Community VMT & Heating Fuel Use

Melissa Everett Hartford May 6, 2011 16:09 pm
I am trying to figure out a realistic methodology for estimating vehicle-miles traveled, and heating fuel use, in communities as they benchmark performance at the beginning of an …

Cost of CBSM vs "Standard" Marketing

Todd Maki Palo Alto Jun 24, 2010 17:29 pm
We're looking into understanding the potential cost differences that may be encountered when conducting a CBSM-based campaign (including in-person communication with display/demon…

Evaluation Results for Webinars

Unknown Apr 29, 2010 3:37 am
I am about to conduct an evaluation of the effectiveness of using a particular type of Webinar technology at providing information to farmers. My particular focus is on the appeal…

Evaluating Behaviour Change

Damien Sweeney Melbourne Dec 3, 2009 21:29 pm
Show me the Change: complexity and the art of evaluation 4-6 May 2010, Melbourne Australia We all know that behaviour change is complex.…

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