COP 26 & The Benefits of Climate Action

Julie Cook Kitchener Nov 18, 2021 18:02 pm
Hi all, As you may know, the latest global climate negotiations at COP 26 in Glasgow have drawn to a close. Though some progress was made, concerns remain about the enormous gap …

National Identity Predicts Public Health Support During a Global Pandemic

Liz Foote Maui Oct 4, 2020 3:48 am
This is a preprint with a ton of authors (I didn’t even bother trying to count them!) of a collaborative international study with the goal of examining “whether national identific…

Behavioral Research on COVID

Kaitlin Phelps New York City Sep 15, 2020 14:09 pm
Hello! Anyone out there doing behavioral science survey research during COVID? I have been hearing from the field, and seeing in my own experience, a variety of effects, from incr…

Searching for Researchers

Catherine Harris Madison Dec 20, 2018 10:55 am
Hi, We took the CBSM Class - we've identified behaviors, and are now looking to gain a sophisticated understanding of a target audience so that we can uncover barriers and benef…

Examples of Barriers and Benefits surveys

Patty Please Armidale Dec 9, 2015 23:31 pm
Hello. We are at the stage of developing a Barriers and Benefits survey and are interested to see some B&B survey examples that you may like to share. Our theme area is invasive…

Re:Energize Corvallis: Evaluating a Community Sustainability Program

Hilary Boudet Corvallis Jul 27, 2015 16:33 pm
As part of a 2011 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency that aided in the creation of Energize Corvallis, the Corvallis Environmental Center developed and implemented the…

Encouraging Sustainable Business Practices for the Corvallis Community

Hilary Boudet Corvallis Jul 27, 2015 16:19 pm
The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, an extensive network of organizations and individual volunteers in Corvallis, provides grassroots leadership and encourages cooperation in …

Barriers and Benefits to Hand Washing

laxman Kharal Kathmandu Nov 5, 2014 0:38 am
This is for supporting a rural community of about 5000 households in Bangladesh particularly the mother and caregivers of children in adopting proper hand washing with soap before…

Research Webinar Next Week (Nov. 13)

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Nov 5, 2012 16:11 pm
New to formative research? Want your managers to better understand what you do? Learn the basics of conducting background program research and pretesting, even on a limited budget…

Focus Group Planning - Looking for lessons learned?

Raquel Ketterman Cumberland Jul 18, 2012 11:01 am
Hi there! Cumberland is in the early stages of researching local barriers to residential tree planting. In just under 2 weeks we are holding our first Focus Group following the re…

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