Behavior Selection - Finding Experts to Weigh In

Shuli Rank Bronx May 10, 2024 20:03 pm
Hello everyone, I am wondering how you have gone about finding experts who can weigh in on the impact of a range of conservation behaviors? The reason we have a wide variety of ty…

Seeking CBSM research that includes the behavior selection stage

Cynthia Frantz Oberlin Jul 17, 2021 13:14 pm
Dear colleagues, My collaborators and I are conducting a literature review of CBSM research to evaluate the use of the first stage of CBSM:  behavior selection.  We are particular…

CBSM Campaigns Focused on Public Advocacy?

Liz Foote Maui Aug 19, 2015 23:46 pm
Hi, I am wondering if anyone out there has any experience developing a CBSM campaign that has a focus on encouraging citizens to provide public testimony (either in person, by pho…

CBSM Weighting Methodology for Selecting Behaviors

Brian MacNamee London Nov 13, 2014 11:58 am
Does anybody have any examples of the application of the community based social marketing weighting methodology for selecting behaviours? Brian MacNamee ww…

Divisible and Indivisible Behaviours

Ken Donnelly Halifax Oct 1, 2012 22:01 pm
I have talked to quite a few people over the last 12 months who are concerned and/or confused about indivisible behaviours. The common message is that they are trying to find an i…

Management Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

Chris Hill Brisbane Nov 9, 2011 17:55 pm
Hello all, I have been gaining momentum with a range of Sustainability activities and now wish to roll out responsibility to Directors and managers within our Health Service. W…

IMPACT data - Households/Sustainable Living

wendy patterson Perth Aug 10, 2011 22:05 pm
Is anyone aware of an index/register/listing of the standard/generic Impact variables data which is applied in the cbsm methodology of selecting behaviours? I am developing a c…

What actions are best?

Jo Horsley Llandeilo Feb 3, 2011 6:20 am
Hi, I am looking for information on what behaviour changes that average person in the street can make to their lifestyle will have the greatest impact on greenhouse gas emissions.…

List of Non-Divisible Climate Mitigation Behaviour Changes

Samantha Lanham Cardiff Jan 25, 2011 11:48 am
I am looking for a comprehensive, reputable list of non-divisible behaviour changes which result in climate mitigation. I am looking for those end state behaviour changes which fa…

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