Ken Donnelly Halifax Oct 1, 2012 22:01 pm

I have talked to quite a few people over the last 12 months who are concerned and/or confused about indivisible behaviours. The common message is that they are trying to find an indivisible behaviour that will meet their purpose, but cannot. Several have asked me if that means that they cannot use CBSM in their program.

My response has been that they should not feel that the behaviour MUST be indivisible in order to use CBSM. I tell them that if the most important behaviour for their purpose is divisible so be it. Go ahead and promote it using CBSM.

It is important to recognize that there are components to a divisible behaviour (for instance one may need to buy, and then install, a programmable thermostat before using it). And it is important to recognize and break down the barriers to each of those components. If you take that approach, divisible behaviours are fine to pursue.

Any thoughts?



Ken Donnelly
Vice President, Atlantic Canada
Lura Consulting