Aislinn Gauchay Chicago March 31, 2016

Hello all! Do any of you have sample RFP language you'd be willing to share that ensures a communications firm submitting a proposal to support a digital communications campaign (social media, earned media, adverts)includes CBSM level rigor for metrics and evaluation of the efficacy of the messages and results form a behavior change perspective? I know that this is very vague and broad(and frankly asks for CBSM behavior change outcomes via a traditional marketing platform which we know does not work well), but I'm hoping to share this information with a colleague who is delivering a national campaign that cannot be executed at the community level, but I believe can significantly benefit from incorporating CBSM rigor in behavior selection, strategy and tactics as well as rigorous evaluation. Thank you!


Aislinn Gauchay
Assistant Director, Great Lakes & Sustainability
Shedd Aquarium
United States