Meryl Brott Cambridge November 9, 2007


Looking for advice re: communicating to tenants in a letter (email) that the showerhead and the faucet aerators in their apartment will be changed out within the next few months. (This will be done by a contractor-- this is not something they would be involved in or that they have the option of not having it done. The plan is to go building by building, floor by floor, getting this done. They will get this letter soon and then will have notice 1 week in advance of their changeout.). While they could go out and buy another showerhead, what is being installed will be tamper proof.

What are the key pieces of information to include?
What's the best way to frame it? (Water prevented vs. saved, for example... (btw, water has always been a tough place to use "prevented" it seems... suggestions?)).
The best kind of language to use? ("efficiency" "upgrade" etc.)
Should we acknowledge that they will experience reduced water pressure / amount of water, but ask them to take it in stride because they will be helping the environment?
Or use it as an opportunity to educate about the new technology? Something like, these technologies lower water consumption by reducing the amount of water coming out of the device and resident should notice a difference.
Should there be an element of involvement somehow? They will most likely not even be home when the changeout occurs.
What would you recommend?
Should they receive something? Perhaps a door knob hanger letting them know that the changeout happened and reinforcing the stats of how much will be saved (prevented), and that they are part of a bigger effort to reduce the impact of the apartments on the environment?
Any thoughts / ideas on the above / information from your own experience would be greatly appreciated.