Nancy Adams Le Roy November 17, 2007

Recycling outdated electronics is causing enormous problems around the globe; but having outdated electronics end up in landfills is probably equally horrendous. Some folks in Minnesota (USA) decided to collect outdated electronics for recycling without charging a drop-off fee for 3 days at Mall of America. Cars bringing in items for recycling were lined up for miles and caused traffic jams and so much chaos that the three day event had to be cancelled after the first day. In a little over a day, 1.5 million pounds of outdated electronics were collected, which was what the sponsors of the event hoped to gather in 3 days. What do people recommend doing with outdated electronics that would not impose problems on people or the environment in Third World countries or wherever this stuff is being sent for recycling? I kept my old computer for as long as possible until I couldn't get any new upgrades or programs that would work on it; and it is now sitting in my basement until I can figure out what to do with it in a responsible manner.

Thanks for whatever suggestions you might have.
Nancy Adams