Ramsey Hart Baie Verte January 11, 2008

Hi Folks,

I'm struggling with the notion of positive engagement with companies that are known to have unsustainable or what could be considered socially unjust practices (ex. Canadian mining companies in Latin America and all sorts of other places around the world). Does anyone know of good reflections, analyses, stats etc. on the potential and limitations of positive engagement with corporations. I know to some degree this has been effective around labour issues and sweatshops. The example of positive engagement I'm struggling with is an "ethical" mutual fund that has investments in one of the aforementioned mining companies but argues that they are pursuing the issues with the company and that this is more constructive than putting their money elsewhere. BTW I'm familiar with the analyses that corporations and capitalism are inherently exploitive and agree with much of that logic but am trying to get my head around this one issue of working within the system and would appreciate comments focused on that.

Ramsey Hart

Baie Verte, NB