Thomas Shelley Ithaca March 5, 2008

Dear Colleagues

I am taking a Master Composter training program at our local Cornell Cooperative Extension office. Two of my class mates and myself are developing an out-of-class project that is a requirement for the program. Our topic is the relationship between composting programs and other sustainability efforts; i.e., using composting as a "window" to other social/economic/sustainability educational efforts. Do any of you know of existing programs that incorporate composting into other sustainability efforts, especially centering on education of the public around sustainability efforts? Any governmental or academic studies that have been undertaken? We are aware that recycling programs are often a "link" to some people becoming interested in broader sustainability efforts.

Thanks in advance for any information you may be able to provide to us.
Tom Shelley
(with Tom O'Connell and Adam Baratz of Cornell University)

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