Dick Enright Naples June 23, 2008

I am now using a plug strip that I use to turn off my T.V., Microwave, Fax or any other appliances that are stealing energy when not on use. I imagine for businesses , schools etc. this must be a greater waste such as soda coolers, computers, L.E.D. That again are still taking energy when the building is closed. I have heard of a " Plug Mizer" is there such a device that interrupts the appliance to the plug outlet ( about the size of and ice cube ) that allows you to choose what appliance you want off and then click a remote when leaving the house to turn them off and on when you return. Our Rotary Club has as a Community Project helping: people, municipalities, businesses in energy reduction and saving money.

Dick Enright
Bridgton Lake Region Rotary Club, Maine