Non-financial Incentives for Purchasing Energy-Efficient Products.

Jay Kassirer Ottawa Dec 11, 2009 13:49 pm
I am looking for examples of non-financial tangible incentives that have been used to promote the purchase of energy-efficient appliences or other products. If you also have data …

Increasing Air Conditioning Demand Response Participation

Diana Coba Boise Jan 21, 2009 8:53 am
In order to increase participation in an air conditioning demand response program, we're considering having small yard signs put up in the front yards of customers who have signed…

Phantom Energy Loss

Dick Enright Naples Jun 23, 2008 11:54 am
I am now using a plug strip that I use to turn off my T.V., Microwave, Fax or any other appliances that are stealing energy when not on use. I imagine for businesses , schools et…

Phantom Electric Loss

Dick Enright Naples Apr 3, 2008 22:02 pm
Does any have an answer: Phantom Electric Loss: All of those plugged in devices that are still on while the house or business is vacant. Is there an interrupter device ( sma…

Energy Cost in Replacing Old Appliances with Energy Efficient New Appliances

Damien Sweeney Mar 19, 2008 18:27 pm
Hi All Does anyone know of any research that is available looking at the energy cost in replacing old functioning appliances with energy efficient new appliances- specificall…

"Kill a Watt EZ" Electricity Usage Meter as a Teaching Tool

Stephan Pollard Fayetteville Nov 18, 2007 13:16 pm
All, I would be interested in hearing from those who've used (or seen it used) the subject device as a teaching tool. How was it used it and how would you rate the effectivenes…

Blackle - Environmentally Friendly Google

Mary Lindsay Vancouver Oct 26, 2007 16:42 pm
Blackle - Environmentally friendly Google ENGLISH VERSION Whenever your PC screen is all white (as in a Word page for instance) the computer will consume about 74 watts. …

Clothes Washer Incentive Program Research

Glen Pleasance Whitby Sep 17, 2007 11:25 am
I am querying to find out if anyone is aware of current research conducted on the effects of incentive programs on consumer decision making, specifically related to environmental …

Seeking High-Impact Low-Barrier Actions to Reduce Energy

Bart Robinson Canmore Sep 15, 2007 18:36 pm
Request: High-impact, low-barrier actions that will reduce the amount of energy consumed by Canadians. This is one of four related questions in four postings. The Town of Canmor…

Seeking Stories of Highly Successful, Electrical Utility-Driven Energy Efficiency Programs in the US...

Chris Page Snowmass Apr 10, 2007 13:06 pm
..... Preferably within the last five years. I'm especially interested in appliance rebate programs & programs for the high-tech industrial sector. Many thanks in advance …
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