Ed Maibach Fairfax July 8, 2008


The editors of the International Journal of Sustainability Communication and I are pleased to announce that a special issue of the journal devoted to climate change communication is now live and awaiting your visit online (www.ijsc-online.org). The issue includes: 3 research papers (see note below); 3 practice papers (including an paper by Doug McKenzie-Mohr and an open letter to the next President of the United States); 2 student papers; and A review of Moser & Dilling's (2007) book Creating a Climate for Change.

An unusual feature of this journal is that you -- the reader -- are encouraged to comment on the research papers online for the next 30 days. The authors and I will consider your comments in making final revisions to the papers. The final versions of the research papers will be posted later this summer. The response to the Call for Papers for this special issue was so brisk that we received too many meritorious papers to publish in a single issue of the journal. As a result, a second special issue on climate change will be published late in 2008. We hope you find these papers to be useful in your work.

Edward Maibach, MPH, PhD

Guest Editor of the Special Issue
Professor, Department of Communication
Director, Center for Climate Change Communication
George Mason University
4400 University Drive,
Research 1/251, Mail Stop 6A8
Fairfax, VA 22030
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