John Gear Salem July 9, 2008 16:58 pm

In my opinion, better feedback is the critical element for reducing energy consumption. We still live in a world where the dominant utility paradigm was to hide the meters in the back behind the bushes and under the wasps' nest so that customers continued consuming, blithely unaware until the bill came. Utilities ought to be charged with doing this sort of high-touch feedback (or even more, such as continuous real-time consumption data inside the house next to the thermostat and in the kitchen or utility room), but until that revolution occurs, someone is selling it as an aftermarket service option:

Looking for a way to identify and encourage your customers who are making conservation efforts? Searching for a means to direct marketing of energy savings technology to your customers? Needing to measure, analyze, and report the effects of DSM projects? Pursuing new methods of communicating the impact of your customers energy usage on the generation of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses? EnerCheck is WeatherWises patented process of measuring energy efficiency changes and communicating the results to your consumers. The EnerCheck reports provide your customers the chance to view to the actual effects weatherization, appliance replacements, furnace upgrades or other energy efficiency efforts have had on the usage in their home or business. Personalized letters mailed to consumers inform them of their changes in efficiency from one year to the next. These reports are also available via email and web. The results presented to your customers can be customized to your companys specifications. For instance, they may be shown in usage change by units (therms, mcfs, kWhs etc.), dollars, or illustrate environmental impacts by showing the changes to the individual customers carbon footprint (usually measured in pounds) and other greenhouse gasses. EnerCheck for electricity providers will also take into account your companys generation mix conversion for the applicable time periods. The results can also be illustrated in a variety of charts and graphs. To view samples of personalized Enercheck print communications, click here. WeatherWise provides hosted web pages with your companys look and feel, or the information can be provided in tables to be displayed on your web pages. To view samples of personalized Enercheck web pages, click here. The Enercheck process utilizes comparative analysis to adjust for changes in weather and number of days in the billing cycles from consumer billing information to deliver a precise and pure comparison of energy consumption. These measurements may be performed company-wide, by rate or customer class, or at the individual consumer level. This customizable granularity is particularly effective for energy companies that would like to assess and report the results of demand side management programs. WeatherWise can manage the measurement, analysis and report composition. For more information on Enercheck or to discover the many ways that WeatherWise can assist you and your organization, please click on the link below: Or contact Joyce Homiak by phone at (412) 320-4026 or via email at [email protected].

John Gear

Natural Resource Specialist
Nuclear Safety & Energy Siting
Oregon Department of Energy