lbbudd July 23, 2008

Greetings Fellow FSBs-

I had the opportunity to meet the guerilla gardening group of Los Angeles. Iwas greatly impressed. LA's public landscape ismaintained at a very poor level, the city is underfunded in every sector. What this group is doing is wonderful, taking derelict patches of the city landscape, clearing off the shopping carts, weeds, profuse trash, dead animals, etc., and installing nice xeric plantings. And all of this at their own expense and personal risk, withno support from the city. Indeed, the city wants them to stop, worried about possible liability. In reality, groups like these are LA's only hope. Private citizens directly investing in the public landscape. This group could really use some help in the form of funding for plants, mulch, and parts to repair derelict sprinkler systems. I welcome your comments, or go to

Laurence Budd, CLT, CLIA,

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