Helen Ough Dealy Russell February 11, 2010

Project Island Song encompasses 7 pest-free islands in New Zealand's Bay of Islands. The eventual aim is the restoration of the islands and the reintroduciton of endangered species. The area is popular with local, national and international campers, kayakers, yachties, tourists, fishers etc. so the risk of rats/mice reinvading these islands is high. I am looking for ways of getting these various users of the Bay to stop, check their gear, then go and have fun on the islands. We have a strong visual brand and slogan, signage on the mainland and the islands, posters on commercial boats, biosecurity flyers being given out to all and sundry - but... the change in behaviour i.e. checking gear before leaving the mainland is not happening as frequently or as consistently as we would like. Any help would be appreciated. Helen

Helen Ough Dealy
New Zealand