Dave Jaye Naples November 28, 2011

Dear Professional:
We seek your suggestions for a video script on Household Hazardous Waste (HHW): proper storage, transportation and disposal of chemicals. This is planned to be an approximately 8 minute video plus a few previously produced HHW Public Service Announcements (PSAs). The video will be produced in English, Spanish and Creole. Teachers, we are seeking your recommendation of two middle school students to star in this video. Please email your comments by Friday December 6, 2011.
The target audiences are:
1. Middle and High School Science students.
2. English Language Learners (ELL) teens and adults
3. Immigrant Community residents, organizations and Churches
4. Small business which work out of their homes and generate hazardous materials including landscapers, painters and auto repair services.
We plan to include a previously produced Attention Grabber short video which dramatically shows how HHW can hurt your family unless you suggest a more appropriate attention grabber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4SztV63V-s&feature=related 1:36. Other HHW PSAs are listed on slide #3 of the proposed script (see PowerPoint).
The proposed HHW video follows two middle school students who arrive home and ask ones Mom to help with a science class assignment to fill out a HHW check sheet. The students walk with Mom through the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and garage. Landscaper Dad comes home and takes students to the shed and talks about proper disposal of bug killer (pesticides); weed killer and used auto fluids. Painter neighbor arrives and talks to students about proper paint and building material purchase and disposal.
A student pulls out of this backpack a flyer about a Neighborhood cleanup. Narrator discusses neighborhood clean ups which will now include HHW as well as the year round Recycling Drop-off Centers.

The video ends with a summary of proper HHW usage, storage and transportation the main video segment ends on panel # 35. The video will end with Collier County specific information including our special curbside collection (bulky items, tires, electronic and lead batteries) and the location of our Recycling Drop-off Centers. We plan on limiting the Collier County specific information to the end of the video to allow other Communities to add their specific programs and their contact information at the videos tail. Other Power Point panels are included for reference.
1. Should we include a section on household cooking fat, oil and grease, (FOG) and scrap metal even though these are not hazardous materials?
2. Any other common HHW situations we should discuss?
3. We did not include a section about medical sharps as sharps are not accepted at neighborhood cleanups but are accepted, in proper containers, at Recycling Drop-off Centers.
Thank you for your comments and suggestions!

Dave Jaye
Collier County Solid Waste Managemen
United States