Inger Perkins Hokitika Apr 24, 2014 2:02 am

Dogs pose a considerable risk to birds such as penguins and kiwi in New Zealand. There have been many instances of birds being killed and occasionally there has been a massacre of a large number of these precious birds by one or two dogs. Often the problem is not that the dogs are out with owners and off the leash but that the dogs are allowed to roam from the property and owners have no notion of where their dogs may be or what they may be doing.
For some owners, sadly, they see this as their absolute right.
Within the CBSM fora there is some discussion of keeping dogs on a leash in conservation areas and of dealing with pet waste, but I'd be very interested to learn about any projects that have addressed the issue of keeping dogs contained on private property.
Also, if there have been any more projects to keep dogs on a leash, without the need for enforcement staff to conduct patrols, I'd love to hear about them.
Thank you!

Inger Perkins
West Coast Penguin Trust
New Zealand