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Jay Kassirer Ottawa March 3, 2015

The BFC Program is a positive, upstream, results-oriented program designed to get municipal decision makers thinking about how all of their programs around cycling work complementary to one another, and how those programs can be synergistically improved. It provides recognition for the hard work done by municipal staff, the leadership displayed by municipal politicians and the partnerships developed with local cycling organizations. It gives communities that apply both a measure of where they are and a roadmap into the future, using a feedback system that has been developed and refined with input from stakeholders from all areas of transportation issues.

The BFC Program was designated a Landmark case study in 2014 by a Tools of Change peer selection panel. Selected Comments from the Landmark peer selection panel: Very effective at motivating and rewarding systemic change by municipalities. This is a proven approach for influencing upstream changes, including the behaviors of municipal staff and politicians ... Excitement is built in communities as they boast about their designations, first to the cycling community, then to the broader community ... Gets all levels of participants involved ... Great partner integration ... This campaign is not anti-car but truly 'share the road.'

The panel that designated this cases study consisted of:
Mark Dessauer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation
Ryan Lanyon, City of Toronto
David Levinger, Mobility Education Foundation
Patricia Lucy, Translink
Jacky Kennedy, Green Communities Canada
Nathalie Lapointe, Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Geoff Noxon, Noxon Associates
Chuck Wilsker, U.S. Telework Coalition
Phil Winters, University of South Florida Selected

Draft case study: http://www.toolsofchange.com/en/case-studies/detail/681

Webinar date: Tuesday, March 17, 2015 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Presented by: Justin Jones, Manager, Bicycle Friendly Communities, Share the Road Cycling Coalition (Canada) and Bill Nesper, Manager, Bicycle Friendly Communities, League of American Bicyclists (USA)

Cost: $US 50. A limited number of free registrations are still available for this webinar by contacting the Tools of Change Registrar.

More details and registration: http://webinars.cullbridge.com/course/view.php?id=581

Jay Kassirer
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