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Julie Cook Kitchener January 18, 2021
Hi all,

You may be familiar with Bill Novelli, the co-founder/president of a global PR agency for social impact and a pioneer of social marketing*. On Friday, January 29th at 1pm EST, he will be speaking about his new book entitled, Good Business: The 'Talk, Fight, Win' Way to Change the World. In Good Business, Novelli aims to prove that you can do well (creating financial success for yourself and your company/organization) by doing good (helping to solve society's major problems) and argues that you can make a positive social difference regardless of what business you are in or where you are in your career. 

This one-hour program will stream live on the National Press Club’s website and YouTube Channel for free. For more information, please visit the Club's website here

*On a personal note, I have met and spoken with Bill on a few occasions. I believe he is a wonderful person and a fantastic leader.