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Julie Cook Kitchener January 27, 2021
Hi everyone,

As you may know, the field of behavioural science has grown substantially in the past decade. Since the publication of Nudge (2008), by Thaler and Sunstein, there has been a tremendous growth of nearly 300 behavioural teams in governments, businesses and other organizations around the world. How will the field progress in the next ten or so years? Behavioral Scientist curated a list of thought provoking submissions on this subject by behavioural scientists around the world. The submissions are organized into three broad categories:

1. Promises and Perils of the coming decade, including emerging ethics, finding a shared identity, and prioritizing impact.

2. Domains on our Mind, such as technology as a force for good or evil, climate change targeting both individuals and systems, and health care at the digital frontier.

3. Research and Application, such as new opportunities and obligations for research in the field, and the future of intervention design.

Check out the list of curated submissions here.